our eyes are open

Whatever happens today I am optimistic for the future, I’ve been called naive and an idealist in the past few months more times than I care to remember, I’m certainly the latter, but definitely not the former. I see the mountain there is to climb to get to a fairer and more equal society. I see a huge media controlled by a few people, not giving the British public a fair and balanced view of what’s going on in this country, pushing their own agendas of division and bile and vitriol against those least able to defend themselves, while protecting the security of those who have already secured their fortunes, failing to report on the failings of government and the effects they have on ordinary people.

I see corporations trying to undermine the laws set out to protect the people of this country in order to increase their profits, I see them putting the interests of their shareholders above all else, I see them driving small businesses under by opening mega-stores and mini-stores where no one asked for or wanted them.

I see government stripping away the NHS, the one thing that the British are universally proud of, stripping it bare and selling it to private companies to make profit out of, I see government lie that this is to make the NHS more efficient and better for the public, but I know that it’s not true.

I see government wage wars in our name that are neither just nor for the purpose they claim to be. I see powerful interests and shadowy figures guide our fate at black-tie dinners and Bilderberg meetings, but there is hope, and things will change because we know about these things, and in time, everyone will know.

Despite their best efforts to neuter it, the internet is a powerful, organic force across which we can share and spread information like never before. Wikileaks, The Trews, The Young Turks, Joe Rogan, journalists like Owen Jones and George Monbiot; all sources of news and new ways of thinking that will change the world.

Just in the last year I have found out so much that I was blind to, when I was a child I actually thought that newspapers were there to give us news, now I know they are not. Newspapers are run to make a profit and to spread their owner’s ideology, they are not there for yours or my benefit.

Now I know that, I can see them for what they are and find alternative sources of news. The sheer volume of alternative sources of news means that it is working, we don’t have to rely on a few angry newspapers. We all have a responsibility to seek the truth and share it. Question everything you are told. It’s going to take time, the system we live under at the moment has penetrated so deeply into our national psyche that it can do whatever it wants. It’s managed to convince people that taking away a disabled persons benefits is a good thing, that austerity is necessary when all evidence points to the contrary, it’s managed to persuade us that we shouldn’t care that hundreds of people died trying to escape a country that our government bombed, that we should ridicule a man for his inability to eat a bacon sandwich.

It’s going to take time to unwind this web of lies and deceit, but we can do it, we are already doing it our collective consciousness is changing and we must keep pushing it, tell people the truth, open their eyes to what’s really happening, keep your eyes wide open the world will be a better place.

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Vote Jasper Gerard tomorrow in Maidstone

Dear Maidstone,

I am going to vote for Jasper Gerard tomorrow in the General Election. I’ve sent quite a few emails to the candidates in Maidstone over the past few months, I’ve had long, reasoned answers from Jasper on every occasion. (I have also heard from Paul Hobday from the National Health Action party, and although I totally agree with their stance on the NHS I cannot vote for a party with essentially only one policy).

I have also heard from Helen Grant the Conservative candidate, but her responses are generic and her last letter started ‘Let me assure you we are not privatising the NHS’ which, after reading that a firm who’s director is Malcolm Rifkind was awarded a contract to provide scanning services to a Stoke hospital despite being £7 MILLION more expensive than an NHS consortium. It’s worth pointing out that the bidding process was secret too.

Anyway, I’ve found Jasper to be responsive and I agree with him on a large number of issues. (Although he does think I’m a ‘young person’ I hope that’s because of my youthful enthusiasm rather than my terrible grasp of the English language)

  • We should have the ability to recall badly performing MPs
  • That politicians should represent their constituents, not corporate interests
  •  Politics should be more accessible for people
  •  The NHS must be protected

He is, I understand, the only candidate in Maidstone who went knocking door to door to talk and listen to people. He downsized his house and quit his job to work full time for the people of Maidstone.

Helen Grant, our current MP lives in a £1.8MILLION house near Maidstone, and claimed the full amount for a second home despite living 19 miles from London. Helen Grant also wants to spend £BILLIONS on new nuclear weapons, give tax breaks to people earning over £150k a year. Helen Grant does not want a tax on banker bonuses and does not want a mansion tax.

Helen Grant is a member of the Westminster Elite, she has no clue about the way real people live or how life is for those without privilege. Jasper seems like a genuine bloke and I’d rather see him representing us than our current MP.

Last election the Lib Dems were close to winning, only 5889 behind the conservatives. I think Jasper can win, I’d really like him to win and I think he would be good for Maidstone and the country as a whole.

The same rules apply if he does get elected, he needs to be held to account as any member of parliament does

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