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our eyes are open

Whatever happens today I am optimistic for the future, I’ve been called naive and an idealist in the past few months more times than I care to remember, I’m certainly the latter, but definitely not the former. I see the mountain there is to climb to get to a fairer and more equal society. I …

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Vote Jasper Gerard tomorrow in Maidstone

Dear Maidstone, I am going to vote for Jasper Gerard tomorrow in the General Election. I’ve sent quite a few emails to the candidates in Maidstone over the past few months, I’ve had long, reasoned answers from Jasper on every occasion. (I have also heard from Paul Hobday from the National Health Action party, and …

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ideas for voting change, not very good ones

Now, I had this idea to solve the problem of being fed bad information by politicians and the media and what that means when it comes to voting, it turns out it’s actually not a very good idea at all, but hear me out and let me know what you think… Zac Goldsmith said recently [ref]http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b052n6bh[/ref] …

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land ownership – farms

I was asked about farms, this is what I found out… I got this from http://www.ukagriculture.com/uk_farming.cfm and it says that although there are 300,000 farms at an average of 140 acres / 57 hectares / .56sq km each the number is skewed by the size of farms in Scotland which average over 100 hectares / 247 …

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land ownership, who owns Britain, how and why

Like a  time-poor student trying to get an essay written despite spending all waking moments drinking, sleeping and watching TV,  I’ve trawled the pages of Wikipedia to find out who owns Britain and how they came to own it. It’s not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination and it is my understanding of everything I’ve …

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a resolution for 2015

If you only do one thing in 2015, please make a resolution to question more. Question everything. When you read something in the paper or see something in the news, ask what the motives are behind it. Who owns the paper? What is their agenda? When Russell Brand says something, ask what his motivations are, …

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