land ownership – farms

I was asked about farms, this is what I found out…

I got this from and it says that although there are 300,000 farms at an average of 140 acres / 57 hectares / .56sq km each the number is skewed by the size of farms in Scotland which average over 100 hectares / 247 acre / 1sq km so the actual average size is somewhere around 40 hectares / 98 acres / 0.4sq km. Whichever way you look at it the total active farming land in Britain is around 1.5m sq km. (.57km x 300000). This seems incredibly small when 75% of all surface area in this country is maintained by farmers. Having said that we exported £14bn worth of agriculture, but imported £32Bn.

Something’s wrong somewhere, and if anything, I’m more confused than when I started!

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