good luck – 2015 health journeys

I’m going to shut up after this, I’m bored of me now, but my last thing……

Good luck to everyone setting out on a New Year weight / fat loss journey or any health journey. There’s plenty of people who’ll sneer, who will look down their noses at everyone joining a gym in January or getting out running or joining weight watchers, gleefully pointing out that it won’t last, but fuck it. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

Change is hard, actual permanent change is properly fucking hard, anyone who’s gone through it knows it’s hard, I struggle all the time, I’ll get there one day, I’m nowhere near at the moment, because it’s hard, it’s hard to change habits ingrained over many years, it’s easy to fall back into patterns we’ve had for many years. On a physiological level the body does it, we use the path of least resistance, we’re programmed to so it’s no surprise if we do it subconsciously when a packet of Kettle Chips lands seductively on our laps. If you fail after a couple of months (and I hope you don’t) try again when you’re ready. Do not pay attention to anyone who belittles or tries to cheapen your efforts, do not pay attention to anyone else in the gym or out running, try not to feel self-conscious. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve no idea of the stories of anyone I see out running fat, thin, medium, fast runners, slow runners, walkers and no one knows your story. All that matters is that you are out there doing it and you are happy. If you’re not happy, find another way to exercise. There are so many resources on the internet and almost as many different types of exercise; weight training, crossfit, cycling, running, swimming; triathlon, zumba, ballroom dance, walking, the list is endless (not this list, this ended, but you get the point.)

Diet is the most crucial point in all of this though exercise is nothing without feeding your body correctly, and that is the hardest struggle, but it’s not impossible, again there are plenty of resources out there, but the one thing that’s (in my opinion) more important than all the rest is to eat whole foods, earth grown foods; vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, seeds and lean meats. Cut out the processed crap, if it’s got more than one ingredient, bin it. (I found out the other day that some dried fruit has ADDED SUGAR, yes, SUGAR that has been ADDED to FRUIT, madness!) Read all the labels. If you make that 90% of your diet and exercise then you will win.
I speak as a man still trying to put this advice into practice, I’m getting there, I’ve established good exercise habits (again after a long post-triathlon lay off) and 2015 is about nailing the diet.

Check out this lot for some inspiration / advice / supreme knowledge.

From David Dakosa Marsh advice / inspiration (about halfway down)

Ben Coomber latest podcast is an excellent starting point.

and if you want some serious knowledge, go see Gary Hawkins at Serious Nutrition.

I’m off to eat crisps and chocolate washed down with beer and chocolate and crisps and curry and burgers before the clock strikes 12.

Good Luck

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